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Quit Smoking in an Affordable Way with Nicotex

Smoking has become a very common habit in this modern scenario and most of the people including teenagers are seen smoking. This bad habit of smoking cigarette has lead to lung cancer and various respiratory disorders resulting in early death.

Nicotex gum is a breakthrough in ending the smoking and will contribute towards the prevention of early deaths due to smoking. It is an efficient way to assist smokers in quitting smoking when combined with guidance and support. Nicotex gum is available in various doses such as 2mg and 4mg.


This is just one of a product that helps people to quit smoking without spending a lot of money. Nicotex gum functions by decreasing the desire of smokers for Nicotine. It does so by influencing the nicotine receptors present in the brain to lessen the withdrawal symptoms.

It also decreases the satisfaction of a smoker that he/she receives at the time of smoking a cigarette.

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Method to use Nicotex chewing gum

You should slowly chew the gum until there is a tickly feeling in your mouth. After that keep the Nicotex gum between your cheek and gum until the taste of nicotine fades out.

If the nicotine taste fades out, then you should again chew the gum slowly until you get back the taste of nicotine. You should put the gum at different places in your mouth. After half an hour, when nicotine taste is no more left in the gum then you should spit out.

Dose of Nicotex gum to be taken: You should use at least 9 pieces of Nicotex gums if you smoke 20 or more than 20 cigarettes in day to quit smoking.

Nicotex - Nicorette -Nicotine-Chewing-Gum

Do not use more than 24 gums in a day. Avoid eating or drinking anything for 15 minutes before and after taking the Nicotine gum.

There are various conditions in which Nicotex gums should not be taken such as:

  • If you are allergic or sensitive towards nicotine, then you should not consume this gum.
  • Breast feeding females should avoid consumption of this gum as nicotine passes through the breast milk which may be hazardous to the health of the fetus.
  • Pregnant females should avoid intake of this gum as it is hazardous to the health of the fetus.

Use of Nicotex chewing may lead to various side effects such as diarrhea, difficulty in sleeping, dry mouth, joint pain, muscle pain, nervousness, sweating, weakness, dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

Various safety tips that should be followed while using Nicotex:

  • Consumption of Nicotex leads to dizziness, drowsiness so do not drive or perform any task that needs full focus.
  • Avoid consumption of alcoholic beverages along with this medicine as it increases the sedative effect of this medicine.
  • You should not use nicotine gum for more than 12 weeks.
  • Avoid smoking cigarette or consuming tobacco while using this chewing gum.
  • Geriatric patients should consume this chewing gum with cautions.

Where should I buy Nicotex?

Buying Nicotex online is a very trouble free way as you get your product deliver at your home.


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