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Dibenzyline A Blow to Pheochromocytoma Ailment

Are your experiencing increased blood pressure and heavy flooding sweat that has groped your body whole with sweat and turned short breath, This could be an indication to you that you might be at risk of heart disorder that is caused due to blood related disorder,  ooh!!! You should go for medical help now. This could be a risk of any severity. Get it diagnosed if you are suffering flank pain in chest or with shooting heart rate. Episodic hypertension that can be sometimes an indication of pheochromocytoma, yes… it can be an indication for that but it’s hard to detect.


  • If you find sudden fall in systolic blood pressure up to 20mm hg and 10 mm hg in diastolic while standing.
  • Getting increased blood sugar level in the blood sudden weight loss and diaphoresis ( sweating unusual level) this can be risk of tumor in adrenal glands also known as Pheochromocytoma.
  • One may experience head ache and increased palpitation.

No need to worry, get diagnosed with CT or MRI, help to diagnose localize tumors, where one has to check the level of chromaffin cells that are localized in adrenal region. This proves the sign of tumor in adrenal and Dibenzyline capsule are here you serve you… The drug is containing “generic Phenoxybenzamine” which belongs to Alpha Blockers.

While one is getting diagnosed CT scan and for localized tumor or PET will also help you to determine the ailment.

How do this Dibenzyline 10mg capsule helps?

The drug simply brings dilation of smooth muscles of blood vessels that asserts no pressure and blood flow more easily than ever. Dibenzyline (Phenoxybenzamine) helps in treating Pheochromocytoma and patient suffering from Tachycardia should take Dibenzyline capsules with beta blocker together.

What is the dosage of Dibenzyline capsule?

The dose can be started with 10mg of Phenoxybenzamine HCL twice a day. The dosage should be increased after alternate day and usually taken up to 20mg to 40mg served twice to thrice a day. The drug should be prescribed according to the patient medical condition.

One should add up certain lifestyle habits that will help you to overcome the pressure of ailment that may occur in certain patients, this could be depressive experience to patient. To move over this condition one should add on:

Daily exercise habit this will not let you feel down and boost immunity and fills you overwhelmingly with positivity. Exercise get you increased level of endorphins which are nothing but feel good hormone, thus one gets over the bad time of ailment with positivity and help of Dibenzyline.


Meditation and yoga makes you feel emotional free and this will be assisting medication while one is one therapy for treating your pheochromocytoma disorder, with help of generic Phenoxybenzamine.

One should go for healthy nutrition and dieting habit as the disease make your body vitals go low, make your body function go normal with help of essential supplements like Omega-3 fat. Get yourself better sunshine for crucial implication of Vitamin D.

One should not administer certain drugs while taking Dibenzyline capsule:

  • The patients who have allergy to the drug phenoxybenzamine or the ingredient of the Dibenzyline capsule should not administer the drug.
  • Patient bearing disorder like coronary disorder, Kidney malfunction or airways disorder should not have the phenoxybenzamine.
  • One should not administer PDE-5 inhibitors and PAH drugs like Sildenafil and Tadalafil drug and Alpha blockers like Prazosin and BP medication including Diuretics, ACE inhibitors and Beta blockers like drugs.

What are the precautionary steps to be followed while one is taking Dibenzyline capsules?

  • The drug is not indicated for the females who are nursing and bearing load.
  • To the elderly patients one may suffer side effects like dizziness and patient bearing Glaucoma disorder should not have the generic phenoxybenzamine.

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