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Nicotine Patches- A Proficient Approach to Quit Smoking

Smoking habit is not only harmful to smokers but also it affects the life of others, who are living around smokers. It equally damages the life of non smoking person as it harms the smoking person. But there are various reasons that motivate the person for quitting its smoking habit. One of the most major reasons for smoking cessation is health concern towards its life or its love one or near ones. The excessive consumption of cigarettes and tobaccos in daily basis also affects your financial condition, so it is also a common reason for quitting smoking.


Nicotine patches is an amazing formula that provide harmless relief from the unusual withdrawal symptoms of nicotine that arise due to the smoking cessation. This is a drug that successfully shows its effectiveness by releasing the nicotine in the body but in non toxic extend, which is responsible to release dopamine for producing soothing effect to reduce the craving to have smoke. Due to this therapeutic activity, it is considered as a nicotine replacement therapy and is approved for smoking cessation in November 1991 by an FDA.

Composition of Nicotine patches:

This is a dosage form, which is available in transdermal patches, which is distributed in various doses like 7, 14 and 21 mg.

Prescribed way to use Nicotine patches:

This is an external route preparation, which should be adhesive onto the external skin surface once in a day. It should be stick on the clean and dry skin surface. But the utilization of this dosage form is varied in person to person, as it depends upon the consumption of cigarettes in a day by an individual.

If this drug is utilized by patient who smokes more than 10 cigarettes per day, then you must take this dosage form one time in a day for 10 weeks. Start your dosing profile with largest dose, i.e. 21 mg, for first 6 weeks, which is further decreased to 14 mg per day, for additional 2 weeks and finally take 7 mg daily dose for next 2 weeks.

If this dosage form is used by an individual who smokes less than 10 cigarettes in a day, then you must take this drug one in a day for 8 weeks. You must 14 mg daily dose for 6 weeks and then take 7 mg daily dose for further 2 weeks. If the person smokes less than 10 cigarettes, then it must take initial dose with 14 mg per, for first 6 weeks.

One patch is enough to conduct effectiveness for a whole day, so avoid fixing two or more patches in a day. You must fix a patch for 16 hours, on a clean, dry and hairless skin. Fixing of patch for more than 24 hours is responsible to develop skin irritation and is also decreases the therapeutic activity of this dosage form.

Some unusual conditions, in which use of Nicotine patches, should be contraindicated:

  • Putting the patch on the skin is not beneficial for patient having problems like allergic problem to this drug, skin disorders, unstable hypertension problem, cardiovascular risk and respiratory tract disorders.
  • Fixing of this patch must be avoided along with drug for abnormal heart rhythm, anti asthmatic medicines.
  • You must avoid using any product or drug that consists of nicotine derivatives.

Some important information meant for application of Nicotine patches:

  • If you are using this dosage form more than the prescribed time in high dose, then this condition will enhance development of addiction or physical dependence.
  • Avoid ending the dosage form suddenly; as this can develop the symptoms of withdrawal symptoms.

Where you can buy Nicotine patches?

Buy Nicotine patches online from the reliable sites of pharmacy stores to have your authentic product in your hands by getting the product at your doorstep at an affordable cost.


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