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Zyban Helps To Banish the Urge of Craving for Smoking

We all know smoking is bad for us, it is not a secret. Every day you can easily find people walking in the public place with a cigarette. Most of the people around the world started smoking when they are under 18 years of age. They usually try smoking as a part of experimentation after observing their friends or family members. Most of the adolescents who try smoking are not considering or expecting that they may become addicted, but if smoking habit continues then they might suffer from addiction. Some people smoke to get social recognition, they usually smoke when they are with friends or when they have been drinking. These are generally younger peoples, more educated and economically protected. Smoking has a negative impact on the body and it almost affects almost all parts of the body.

After bumping out a cigarette, it is obvious that a smoker experiences some withdrawal symptoms. When a smoker left the smoking, the nicotine starts declining in the body and the dopamine level falls. The withdrawal symptoms make the smoker impatient and disturbed. The person used to feel that something is ‘missing’ and a smoker becomes restless and ill-tempered when this feeling gets prolonged. This is the urge for nicotine and a smoker gets relaxed as soon as he smoked a cigarette.

Do you smoke just because you have to quench your nicotine craving? Do you really want to get off nicotine overall and thrash your smoking dependence? If yes, then here we present Zyban that helps you to quit smoking of the cigarette.

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Zyban to Quit Smoking

Zyban is a well-known medicine used in smoking cessation treatment. It helps the smokers who are addicted to nicotine to quit smoking. It helps to quit smoking by reducing cravings and other withdrawal effects after giving up smoking.

Zyban contains a generic medicine called Bupropion. It blocks the neuronal reuptake of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. The enhanced amount of norepinephrine may calm and reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Whereas the enhanced level dopamine at neuronal sites may trim down nicotine cravings and the urge to smoke. You must refer Zyban to quit smoking to your loved ones.

How can Zyban Be Used?

You have to initiate the treatment with Zyban before you quit the smoking. Zyban tablet is commercially available in 150 mg strength. You have to take one tablet of Zyban orally per day for 3 days with a glassful of water. Then after 3 days, you can increase the dose up to 300 mg of Zyban in a day. The recommended dose should not be increased more than 300 mg in a day. Treatment should be continued for 7 to 12 weeks.

A patient can come across some undesired effects while using this medicine, like insomnia, headache, dizziness, sweating, dry mouth, irregular heartbeats, irritability, shortness of breath, anxiety, skin rash, hives, and difficulty in concentrating.

Be attentive!!!

  • If you have a brain injury or epilepsy, then don’t use this medicine
  • If you have allergic reactions to Zyban or its other component, then avoid using this medicine
  • Your vision may get impaired after using this medicine, so don’t drive a vehicle or operate nay machinery
  • If you are a pregnant lady or a breastfeeding mother, then avoid using this medicine
  • If you have liver or kidney disease, then use this medicine with caution

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