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Bupropion 150mg – A Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Most of the smokers start smoking when they were teens.  It is said by some teens that they just wanted to give a try; they thought it was “cool” to smoke. And some other teens say that they smoke to get relieve stress and get away from fear of failures in something and to take a break from workload tensions. This habit of continues smoking makes them addicted to smoking. Addiction is mental or emotional reliance on stuff. Individual who are having friends or family who smokes are more likely to start smoking than those who don’t. Cutting the use of tobacco leads to face the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine. Both physical and mental withdrawal symptoms are noticed. Your body reacts towards the absence of nicotine. Mentally it shows a major change in your behavior. Getting back from smoking is not an easy task but, if you have made the decision strongly to get back then tie-up with Bupropion 150mg it will help to take you out from smoking.

What is Bupropion 150mg

Bupropion 150mg is a very helpful medicine, used in people to stop smoking. It shows its working by altering the level of some chemicals in the brain and gives the feeling to relieve the withdrawal symptoms that an individual face while stopping ten smoking includes anxiety, restlessness, irritability and difficulty in focusing. A person is recommended to taking Bupropion 150mg two times a day with a glass of water. If you missed the dose takes it as soon as you remember, but if it is already a time for your next dose then skips the dose and resume to your regular dosage schedule. Do not consume the double dose to match up the missed one or it may lead to the overdose that may be a fatal for life. In case you suspect an overdose of the drug immediately informed to the doctor and take medical attention.

bupropion 150 mg

Effects of Bupropion 150mg

If you are running with the treatment of Bupropion 150mg you may face some adverse effects like skin rashes, puffiness of Lips, Tongue or throat, stomach ache, gradually changes in body weight, feeling of confusion in doing any important works, dry mouth, and severe headache. If you are looking for an online store, then buy zyban from MyPillShop – An FDA approved online medicine store.

Apart from theses be very careful of theses medical condition when you need to keep away from Bupropion 150mg such as if you are having hypersensitive reaction towards the active medicament of Bupropion or other inactive components, with the use of anti- seizure drugs if you are pregnant women or a lactating mother, using any prescribed or herbal products, if you are suffering from the lungs, kidney, bipolar mania, and stomach disease. Suffering from spinal cord or head injury, taking drugs with methylene blue content.

If you are starting the treatment of Bupropion 150mg then you definitely need to inhibit some daily routine like your habits of alcohol consumption as it may lead to drowsiness. Do exercise daily and take healthy diet

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