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Control your acne and get pretty look by using A Ret gel 0.01%

 Acne is a very widespread disease in the age group of 12 and 25, but it can arise to younger and older peoples also. Nowadays, acne is more common in man as compared to woman. Acne occurs due to blockage of sebaceous gland, which is just under the skin that formulates oil (sebum) and maintains skin supple and smooth. Due to blockage small pimples, dryness and blackhead can also occur. Acne can be treated with a combination of remedies including skin care, acne medications, and chemical or laser procedures.

A Ret gel 0.01% is a best and effective medication for the treatment of Acne, mall pimples, blackheads, and whitehead. It is topical preparation and the main ingredient present in the A ret gel is Tretinoin. Tretinoin comes under the class of medication known as Retinoid. A Ret gel produces action by opening the pores and thus allows the natural oil-producing gland to exertion properly. This action of A Ret gel facilitates to renew the skin and to put off skin inflammation.

Dosing regimen of A Ret gel:

The usually recommended strength of A Ret gel is 0.1% at our reputed pharmacy store. Sometimes the strength of A ret gel varies and depends on the condition of patient.  For proper application, you should read out all the instruction given in the drug leaflet. For effective application, you have to wash out the hand, face properly with water, and dry it with soft cotton cloth or wait for 15 to 2ominutes. Take a sufficient amount of cream on your fingertips and apply it gently on the affected area of the skin. You should avoid the contact of cream with the eyes and nose. After application you should wash your hand, and do not cover the affected part on which you have used the medication.

 Side effects of the A ret gel:

While using some patient may come across with common side effects which includes redness, irritation on the skin, stinging of the skin, numbness, scaling of the skin, peeling off, itching, and blister formation or crusting of the skin, rashes, burning sensation on the area applied area, swelling, chest pain.

Warning and precautions while using A ret gel 0.01%:

  • After applying A ret gel you should not use any other moisturizer cream directly on the affected area and do not go out without covering your face to prevent skin damage, from sun radiation.
  • Do not use wax on the face and avoid use of any lotion, moisturizer, and heavy makeup while you are on acne treatment with A ret gel.
  • Do not get anxious or not to stop the medication when you start using this medication, in first two weeks you may realize your acne become worse.
  • If you have itching or you are allergic to generic Tretinoin then, you should not use A ret gel.
  • If you are suffering from psoriasis and eczema disorder, liver and kidney disorder then do not use this medication.

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