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Smoking is hazardous to health, it not only worsen your lungs health but shortens your life span too. However, the fact is well known to everyone but still the person cannot omit this ugly lust and continues to put down his health. Until the patient, get hospitalized. There happens a tragic incidence with a colleague of mine. He was a chain smoker, who used to smoke “N” number of cigarettes in a day. He was that much lusty to smoke that he cannot even stand for an hour. He begins to feel anxious and restlessness if he does not inhale the smoke. His smoke abuse makes him stand alone from his family. Actually, he has a very sweet daughter, who was born with many difficulties to the couple. The girl has a very poor immune system with lung capacity far lower than a healthy child does. The doctors discovered that the Passive Smoking is the reason behind the child unusual health in such a low age of 3 years. As both the parent smokes. The doctor gave the couple a warning to omit the habit of smoking or else be ready for the funeral of their daughter in coming year. The news shook the couple and they went for counseling with a physician on the advice of their family doctor. The physician, family doctor, and a psychiatrist completely washes the brain of the couple and boost them to live a healthy life devoid of any smoke or alcohol abuse if they want their child to live a healthy and better life. The couple was boosted to the extent that they immediately went to the church and ask forgiveness from the Jesus for the sin they cause to their child and pledge not to smoke again in their whole life. From the same day, they initiated the therapy called Champix Quit Smoking Pill and then never abuse the smoke.

Zyban_Generika_380x380Champix Quit Smoking Pills are Varenicline containing medications for the adults above the age of 18 years to assist them to quit smoke completely within a short span of time. In the initial four weeks of therapy, the patient faces some difficulties but with strong willpower, one can overcome his weakness. However, with the passage of time especially around 12 weeks you can easily overcome your abuse.

Champix Quit Smoking Pills enclosing Varenicline mimics the action of nicotine on the human body. The tablet is effective in combating the urge to smoke but also relieves the person from the various withdrawal symptoms of smoke, by interfering with the nicotinic receptors present inside the brain cells.

Champix Quit Smoking Pills are available in strength of 0.5mg, which is recommended to be taken orally with ample amount of water after food. For initial three days, the patient has to consume 0.5mg once in a day. Followed by the twice in a day for four to seven days. Later the dose is enhanced to 1 mg for 11 weeks, to be taken twice in a day. The total time of therapy intake is about 12 weeks.

The side effects that a patient has to go through while they rely on Champix Quit Smoking Pills are constipation, flatulence, dryness of mouth, nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, fatigue, sleeplessness in nights and alteration in taste.

As a precaution, the patient should avoid the intake of alcohol. A pregnant woman or breastfeeding mother can initiate the therapy only after the consultation with the physician. Taking healthy diets, doing breathing exercise and meditation can heal the condition of patient faster.

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