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Your face is your identity; it’s your responsibility to keep it clean, clear and charming. This you learned when you joined a new company, the people over there was of different class. They are enthusiastic, professional, smart, clean in appearance, clear in thoughts and confident in work. They have set a new trend in the market. Actually, renowned and ethnic companies spend a lot on their employees as they regard their employees as the face of the company. Whilst you started working over there you yourself observes a commendable change in your personality. However, the thing that pinches you the most is your acne that you gained on your face due to allergy after the usage of the cosmetic product. Not this, but you also developed some melasma over your facial skin when last weekend you went to the beach to take a sunbath. A colleague in the company asked you about your unhygienic state of a face. However, the thing was quite humiliating but it has proved beneficial for you, as she was a sister of a renowned doctor of the town. She said, few years ago, she also suffered from this awkward phase and her brother prescribes her the medicine called Retin-A cream. Next day, she bought the product for you. Form that night onwards, you commence the use of the product called “Retin A 0.1 cream” and later you observes a commendable change in the condition of your facial skin.


Really, the product is magical in action and is sold widely around the world for the cure of facial issues exists over the skin in both men and women. These facial faults include acne, blemish, pimples, black and white heads, melasma, suntan, dark patches, skin rash and others. Retin A (Tretinoin) shows their effect by decreasing the tendency of cells to clog with each other and by encouraging the exfoliation process. The cream also functions by invigorating the production of collagen within the facial tissues to heal fine lines and wrinkles.

Retin A cream is commercially available in many different strengths such as Retin A Micro Cream 0.025, 0.05 and 0.1%w/w. The cream shows its best and long lasting effect when used for duration 8 to 12 weeks. Actually, the brand encloses Tretinoin as its chief active constituent that functions immensely well in curing the wrinkles and rough skin of the face when applied once for a duration of 24 hours preferably at nighttime and let it be there on the skin for minimum an hour and max to the whole night.

The method of using the cream on the face is simple. The person has to simply clean their faces either with the aid of a cleansing agent or mild face wash or soap. Later they can apply the product over their faces by applying mild pressure and moving the fingers in circular and upward motion.

Some noxious effects of using Retin A cream on the facial skin are skin dryness, irritation, redness, burning sensations, blistering, numbness, warmth on the face, and skin rash.

As a precaution, the patient should take care that they must go out in Sun after draping their face with a cotton cloth to prevent sunburn or irritation to the skin. Do not apply the cream on wet surface else may cause irritation. Do not apply different creams at the same time without the prior advice of the physician. Evade the use harsh chemical on the face like astringent or lime extracts. Avoid getting medicine in sensitive areas like nose, eyes, and mouth.

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