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MTP Kit Helps To Overpass The Hurdle Of Unwished Gestation

Being intimate with your partner can sometimes result in the happening of an undesired conception if you failed with protection. This causes stress and the dear of ruined future if you are not ready for parenthood because bringing a child into life is really a big decision that needs proper requirements and management for the better future and upbringing of the child. You may also have to give up on your desires or fulfillment of living if you face the scenario of pregnancy sooner. Thus, do not surrender on your dreams because of an undesired gestation. Let it end and exit your womb easily, securely, and successfully with the help of a safe option called MTP Kit. Getting rid of an unwished pregnancy can be privately done with the medical method of abortion using MTP Kit.

What is MTP Kit?

  • A kit or a pack of having pills for terminating an undesired gestation during the early duration of up to 9weeks or 63days is called as MTP Kit.
  • MTP Kit is thus used for ending an unwanted pregnancy and removing it out from the body in the form of vaginal bleeding.
  • MTP Kit is a prominent brand or abortion pill category that encompasses pills for generic Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

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What is the action mechanism of MTP Kit?

  • Mifepristone moiety is a progesterone inhibitor; hence, it hinders the action of progesterone hormone, which is essential to sustain a pregnancy. This causes the pregnancy to an end due to the shedding of the endometrium and detaching of growing embryo because of progesterone lack.
  • Misoprostol moiety causes strong contractions of the uterus and widens the cervix so that abortion contents can leave the body easily in the form of vaginal bleeding resulting in complete abortion.

What is the prescribed dosing regimen of MTP Kit?

MTP Kit encloses total five abortion pills as 1pill of Mifepristone of 200mg strength and 4pills of Misoprostol each of 200mcg strength.

  • Thus, the suggested dosing regimen involves oral consumption of 1pill of Mifepristone first with an ample amount of water and without taking the food.
  • Then, 4pills of Misoprostol moiety from the same is advised to be taken as a single dose after two days. Take these 4pills either orally (as buccally or sublingually) or as inserted
  • Then two weeks later, you are suggested to go for medical examination for confirming the completion of abortion.

What are the observed side effects of MTP Kit? A woman using MTP Kit pills may encounter some irksome responses of nausea, back pain, tiredness, heavy vaginal bleeding, strong abdominal cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, or dizziness. Therefore, take care of following safety measures while using MTP Kit pills-

  • A woman should not use MTP Kit if she is using IUD (Intrauterine device), which needs to be removed before using MTP Kit.
  • A girl of less than 18years of age, a lactating mother, or a woman with ectopic pregnancy should not take MTP Kit pills.
  • Using MTP Kit is conflicting in case of medical conditions of kidney, heart, liver, bleeding disorder, epilepsy, migraine, or asthma disorders.
  • You should not take MTP Kit in case you find allergic responses to any moiety of this kit.

Few are post-abortion safety precautions that must have to be followed such as-

  • Laborious tasks should be avoided else, this can cause pelvic pain.
  • Women undergoing an abortion should take a healthy diet and give proper rest to her body so that she will recover fast.
  • Women experienced abortion should avoid the sensual intimacy until the bleeding is stopped to avoid the risk of infections and unwanted pregnancy soon again.

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