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Make Gorgeous Eyelashes A Living Reality With Careprost

Eyelashes and eyes are inseparable companions; if one is absent the whole concept of the other is sabotaged. The human body is a miracle and every part present has its own purpose. To protect, to beautify and to complete what happens to be the most praised body part for beauty, the eyes, nature has bestowed upon us eyelashes. Just by imagining the eyes without lashes we can get the prominence of them, even though nobody goes through a life-threatening condition without the eyelashes, still their absence can destroy the whole beauty and symmetry of eyes. Not just that their absence will make your eyes vulnerable towards dust, sweat etc.

It mostly depends on how you look at yourself, there are many of us who want to enjoy to the fullest what nature has bestowed on us. We want to look beautiful and attractive, we want to be seen as a cluster of people who takes care of his/her own body and any even if minor but any deficiency in our bodies can make us feel unhappy and stressed. There is a condition called hypotrichosis of eyelashes in which they become weak, scant, short, and are more prone to fall off. To treat such a condition people use a variety of products that are artificial, expensive, unreliable and inconvenient. Products such as false lashes, lash extensions are difficult to put and don’t provide the same appeal as the natural does, there is no substitute for anyway. To get natural eyelashes we have a product called Careprost for you.

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Careprost is an ophthalmic preparation (eye drop) which is used extensively to treat the condition of Hypotrichosis of eyelashes. This is a hugely admired medication that has made its way as a trustworthy companion for all those who are seeking to find a reliable effective yet a low-cost product to get natural, longer, fuller, thicker and sufficient eyelashes which reinstate the beauty of their eyes and adds it further. Careprost is a brand of Bimatoprost which is approved by FDA for this condition.

Bimatoprost is a protamine analog category drug. It imparts its beneficial effects by increasing the number of follicles that develop in eyelash and makes them stay for a longer period in the growth phase called Anaphase. It also regulates the process called melanogenesis which in combination makes the hairs grow dark, long, strong and dense. Bimatoprost also improves the size of your dermal papilla which significantly improves the looks of the eyelashes.

This is an ophthalmic preparation meant to apply only to the lashes. For the correct application of this medication follow the procedure. First off you are advised to wash your hands and rinse your eyes properly make sure no dust or makeup stays. With this medication there is an applicator provided, take a drop of the drug on the applicator and stretch from the inner region of the upper lash line outwards, in a way you apply your eyeliner. There is no need to apply this drug in the lower region as once you close your eyes the drug gets applied by itself. Use it once before bedtime.

Some adverse effects that are associated with this medication are itching or stinging or dryness of eyes, headache, burning, and symptoms of a cold.

Preventive steps to be taken:

  • Don’t touch the tip of the applicator and keep it covered to prevent any infection.
  • If you have a lens or make placed then take it off 15 minutes before application of this medication also you are advised to maintain a gap of 10 minutes before putting on the lenses.

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