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Mitigate Anxiety In The Simplest Way, Take Librium

Just write alcohol quotes on your screen and you would find all the cool and funny quotes related to alcohol consumption. Now, we all know it does feel good to an extent; the only problem is we don’t know when it gets to us and when it destroys many aspects of life. All the poetic … Continue reading

Buffer Anxiety And Panic Concerns With Librium

Social anxiety is filled with what ifs. What if they judge? What would they think? And many more questions. If we focus more on what we can control rather than on what people may think, though it is extremely difficult when done, it can help rest anxiety.  Try to maintain a positive approach towards a … Continue reading

Stop Being A Prey To Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Use Librium

Anxiety is an adaptive and protective instinct of human s to cope up with difficult situations in life. A little anxiety is normal but what if this anxiety takes the shape of something serious, or in other words it takes the clinical forms of anxiety also commonly referred to as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Generalized … Continue reading